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USC filing for GC for spouse living abroad

Discussion in 'Family Based Green Card -Through Marriage/Relative' started by famsnaz, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. famsnaz

    famsnaz New Member

    My son who lives in the US needs to file for GC for his wife living abroad.
    What forms does he need to file besides I-130?
    What additional docs must he submit?
    WHere should he file -in the US or abroad where his wife lives?
    I would be very grateful if someone can help me with these questions.
    Thank you
  2. newacct

    newacct Well-Known Member

    He would file only I-130 at first. He would file in the US. The form instructions mention all the documents required, including I-130A, two photos each, proof of your son's US citizenship, marriage certificate, and various proof of bona fide marriage.
  3. famsnaz

    famsnaz New Member

    Thank you
  4. greenusa

    greenusa Member

    Is there need of hiring paralegal or lawyer to file I-130 with other documents and lead all this process of taking spouse from abroad ?
    What will paralegal do except filling I-130 form with documents and wait for answer? Is there something specific that paralegal can do or can be notified that I can't?

    Can someone write down the list of all steps of this process? Starting from filling files and documents and continuing with Consular Processing.
    Thank you
  5. 1AurCitizen

    1AurCitizen Registered Users (C)

    You don't need a lawyer to petition an overseas spouse. Review this DIY link for starters
  6. greenusa

    greenusa Member

    Thanks for answering,

    What documents (except marriage certificate) are considered in those sentences: "Proof of the relationship must be included along with other required documentation", "evidence proving your qualifying relationship to each person for whom you are filing"?
    Any photos?... messages?...
    At which step we should prove our relationship?

    "If the family member is outside of the U.S., they will need to file through Consular Processing." What means file through Consular Processing? This means to wait for National Visa Center (NVC)?
    How NVC will notify me and my spouse abroad about appointment? by mail? (I may be abroad too with my spouse in this period)
  7. greenusa

    greenusa Member

    I have question about Address History section in I-130 form,
    if I was outside US less then 6 month can it be considered different living place and need to mention here OR it's temporary living place? How to determine this ? 1 week? 2 month? ... ?

    Is here any thread for technical questions about filling I-130 / I-130A ?
    For example there are only two "Employer 1" and "Employer 2" sections for Employment History and two "Physical Address 1" and "Physical Address 2" for Address History for past 5 years, and if I have more then two those I can use Additional Information in Part 9 right? regarding that fact that it has Page, Part and Item number and this "Item" number will be unclear ?!

    Also as I read I don't need to file my birth certificate if I'm (petitioner) permanent resident right? (only beneficiary's birth certificate)

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