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Discussion in 'Family Sponsorship' started by General Redneck, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. General Redneck

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    Ok I'm new to the whole thing. I'm confused as to whether first off if you need a visa to get married, though I have read on these forums otherwise, and secondly if we do get married without a visa... while I get one to live in canada with my spouse, would I be able to reside with her, or would we be seperated (I in the US, and she in Canada). Fill me in. I read sites on it but I also need something in english. A checklist of some sort would be nice. Thanks lots.
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    You do not need a visa to get married. You do need a visa to visit/live with her in Canada. She will have to sponsor you. It is really not all that complicated. Check out

  3. General Redneck

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    We can stay on our passports if I goto canada... I guess marrying in the US doesn't have any effect on you being able to stay automatically or viseversa in canada.
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    Both Canada and the United States follow the rule of immigrant intent. That is, when you enter the country they assume you are going to stay forever until proven otherwise. Usually, this is not a big deal for visitors and they undergo inspection without even realizing they just went through a *legal* process. Immigrant intent is almost impossible to disprove in the case of a married couple. As sure as the sun rises in the East, if you and your wife present yourself as husband and wife at the border going *into* the US, your wife will be denied entry without a spouse's visa. The Canadians are not as strict as the US but you can be denied entry at any time without a visa. I hope this helps.

  5. General Redneck

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    Ok well here's my deal... I'm not understanding the process going on here. This is what I'm getting

    Senerio A
    I goto Canada
    We get married
    I go back home unless I got visitor visa or they stamp a long away date on my passport
    She sponcers me
    I get accepted and now I'm permenent Resident and we live happily ever after

    Senario B
    She gets Fiance Visa
    We wait 9 months and get accepted
    get married in 3 months and I would now be Perminent Resident?

    This is really irritating me because I'm not understanding and to have a person that I could talk to in person and ask questions and to be there along the way woudl be nice... but I don't have a $1000 bucks to spend right off hand since most lawyers charge. Check this to see if I'm right and if not please correct me. Also to get sponcered as a Spouce how long is the waiting period (generally speaking). Brian you been a big help so far... Keep up the good work with others.
  6. Mikaal

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    I think I'd be able to answer most of your answers based on my knowledge. From your post, I do not get enough information to answer to the point. I am assuming you are US citizen (not LAPR) and the girl you want to marry is Canadian citizen (not landed immigrant)
    To get married, in Canada you do not need any visa you come to canada (preferably by road) go to city hall with your fiancee get yourself a marriage license. They will ask for ID's that is drivers license. Once you have the mariage license you are free to get married. SIMPLE
    Still worried?? What is it that bothers you?? Travelling US-Canada? Living together?
    Visiting US/Canada - US citizens or LAPR do not need visa to enter Canada, their passports are not even stamped for entry (general rule no entry in any country permits you more than six months stay unless specified, so if there is no entry stamp that means six months - you need to find out more about it, I know people who has stayed more than six months in Canada). For Canadian citizens, US authorities do not require visitors visa, passport is ofcourse necessary. Canadian landed immigrants do need visitors visa to enter US, unless their nationality is from a country exempted for visa to visit US.
    To get Canadian residency, (i believe new regulations allows US citizens to get Canadian citizenship right away) you can ask Citizenship and Immigration Canada about sponcership procedure. Your canadian partner can sponsor you in Canada.
    Suggestion: you can keep your US citizenship with Canadian landed immigrant status
    Benefit: Most benefits are for citizens in US, in Canada benefits are open to landed immigrants special comprehensive and extended health coverage.
    Again, this info is based on my knowledge of regulations and the information you provided. I am not an authority, so there are chances of deviation.
  7. General Redneck

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    Thank you and you did answer all of my questions. but what does bother me is living together right after we are married and is it possible... because if the sponcership takes longer than 6 months to process that means I would have to go back home... Being married and seperated doesn't seem right if you know what I mean. What you did is exactly what I needed. I needed someone to explain to me in detail what I needed to do. Your assumtions were right and sorry for my ignorance on little information.
  8. Mikaal

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    my friend, I am not understand back home, what is back home? and why do you have to go back to 'back home'? I am sorry to say again, you are not giving the required info to answer your questions? are you US citizen or LAPR? Are you coming to canada to marry someone who is candian (citizen or landed immigrant)? or vice versa? If you have an entry requirement in US due to your LAPR status you can go back to US for few hours with in 6 months.
  9. General Redneck

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    actually I did say I was a US citizen up in my subject line btw. Secondly she is a canadian citizen.... Back home is Texas where I was born and raised. I am going to canada to marry her.
  10. creed

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    this is almost exactly the situation that i'm in.

    I'm a canadian citizen (born here), and i'm lookign to see what procedures are need to get hitched with the g/f who is rpesently an American citizen (born in PA). She's had a student visa for three years, which will expire in 2006, and I was told that it helps the process some? anyways since she's looking to move ehre, I was wondering if you had any thoughs or suggestions on what woudl need to be done and the timeline for such actions, as well as if having a student helps her cause any.
  11. inheaven

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    you mentioned that the new regulation allows US citizen to get canadian citizenship right away
    can you please explain that a little bit please? =)

  12. bunnay

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    Hello, I have similar questions to Redneck, but I see that it has been a few years since this thread was posted. I want to know if the information is the same. I am a US citizen marrying a Canadian citizen. From what I've read the only thing i need to take with me to get married there is my ID....(drivers licence, birth certificate, etc) I understand once i get there, in order to work, he will have to sponsor me in order to get a work permit. He is worried that until I get my work permit that I may be deported. He is also worried about me being able to get medical help if needed.

    Question one. If we are married, can I be deported before I become 'legal"
    Question two; what do i need to bring with me as far as documentation

    Question three; how hard will it be for me to get some kind of medical help until i become a 'landed immigrant'.

    Thank you.
  13. WickedGirl

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    Nobody replied yet to this last question grrr bunnay im in the same situation you are... and need all kinds of answered my story is exactly like yours lol

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