Urgent - procedure after being selected by the DV program

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I have just received a document from the National Visa Center, stating that I am amongst 100,000 people who were randomly selected in the first round.

I am very anxious to know the procedure to follow from this point on.
I am currently in the US already on an H1 visa and visited the local INS office but that was a total waste of time as they were not very helpful. Hence I urgently need information about this as quickly as possible.

Can someone please guide me as to what documents/ procedures are required for the process ?

Is there anyone who has either received something like this or knows someone who may have got this and has gone through the process ??

Looking forward to any help.
Thank you very much,
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Hi Everybody,

My wife got the similar notice from the state department that she has been selected for DV visa and I am now in U.S. in H-1 visa and my wife is in H-4 visa. Do you guys have any idea where my wife can contact here in U.S. for the processing of the DV lottery visa ?

Can I apply with her to get Green card together ? Any body has any idea about this, this will be great help to me.
Thank you very much.


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Your brother will have to file I-485 at the local INS in person. Ask him to go to local INS office about 30-45 days before Oct 1, 2000 (start date for fiscal year 2001). They will give him the I-485 package and all the necessary info to complete the process. He can only submit his application after oct 1, 2000. He will have to provide all the necessary docs including certificates, degrees, birth certificate, photographs, medical exams etc. If he is married then his wife and kids can also apply at the same time.

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Here is one of my friends situation.

 His H1B expired july31 2000 and he is waiting to get I-140 (EB2) approved by TEXAS with in two months. He also received the DV for this year (oct 1 2000) lottery. CAn he still file for DV based 485 to the local INS? Since he is out of status but staying in the USA less than 180 days.

 Can he file DV based 485 now ( oct 1 ) and then EB based 485 later?
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We have exact samilliar situation like you guys. Please would you mind to share your experience and help us what procedure should I follow. I will be very appreciated any suggestions.

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Hi every body,

I\'ve been selected in the DV-2002 program but i\'m stuck with the financial resources conditions as my country (Tunisia) does not allow
more than a thousand dollars tranfer. My question is:
-What\'s the minimum amount of money that should be in my possesion to avoid being eliminated from DV program?

Thank you for help
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Dear Friends:

Congratulations for your site. I am sure it is of big help for a lot of people like me!

This is my story:

1. I received a letter stating that I was a DV 2001 winner (on June 29, 2001). I sent all the documents the letter said I should mail in order to my case be processed by the lotttery center.


2. On August 11, 2000, I received a second letter stating that my case had been refused because I failed to provide some of the requirements of the DV program, and therefore my case would be suspended and that I was invited to participate in further lotteries.


3. Last week (April 30, 2001) I received a third letter from the same visa lottery center that asked me to go to the nearest INS center in order to start my adjustment of status.

I went to the INS center and collected the different forms for AOS, but still I am very confused for the second letter I got from the National Visa Center.


- What should I do?
- Should I go ahead and fill the forms I got from INS and start the AOS process?
- Will there be any problem with my application, considering the second letter?

Thanks for your time and disposition.

Jose Francisco