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Discussion in 'H-4 Issues' started by Sid Sin, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Sid Sin

    Sid Sin New Member


    So I was visiting the US in November 2016 of last year and I was staying with a girl that I had liked for a long time. I was to come back to India in a couple of weeks, but one thing led to another and we started staying together. Soon enough we realised that we wanted to get married. We spoke to our parents and they gave us their blessings.

    Now the girl is sikh and I am hindu, so to keep things neutral, we decided to get married in Las Vegas in a church (We ended up saving a lot of money also as we have a huge student loan to repay). My parents flew down for the wedding and her god parents (who stay in the US) came down for the wedding. Her parents could not join us due to her mom not keeping too well. We plan to have a small reception once we go back to India later in the year.

    When we decided to get married, my wife was still on her F1 visa, working on OPT, and we got married a few days after her H1B application was filed.

    A month or two later, we got the notification that my wife's H1B application was picked up in the lottery.

    In the meantime my 180 days expired (as i was on tourist visa) and I came back to India.

    After a month, I again came back to the USA (though immigration was an extremely painful experience), but was allowed to stay for only 60 days.

    Now the status is - my wife's H1B application has been approved and I am going back to India before the expiration and applying for the H4 (because the immigration officer wrote on my passport that i should not change my status in the US and apply from India only) and come back asap. I intend to join my wife here in the US and study for my MBA.

    Just wanted to ask, what are the chances of rejection, if any.

    Points of concern -

    1. US marriage certificate, not Indian.
    2. We have a wedding album, but its a church wedding in Vegas and we had 4 guests. No fire ceremony etc.
    3. Since the wedding was in Vegas, there was no invitation card.
    4. During my interview, can I say that I intend to stay at home, but prepare for my GMAT and apply to B-schools?
    5. Getting married on B1/B2.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

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