Unexpired re-entry permit, traveling back to US, applying for second re-entry permit


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I was simply responding to your question about proving intent: you don’t have to as it is clearly there in the very act of applying for one, according to uscis.

As for lifetime, it is effectively a 5 year max if you apply consecutively. Somewhere in the I131 instructions it says something like if you’ve spent 4 of the past 5 years outside the US your REP will be granted for one year only.
Got it! So the number of REPs doesn't have to be consecutive. One could apply for 1st REP, stay out of US for 2 years, travel to the US, live here for 1-2 years, and if need arises, could apply for a second REP and it would most likely be granted and would not be a problem. Am I following this correctly? Thank you!


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In my experience, I applied for 2 RTDs and 2 RPs. Since I had to travel internationally for work and otherwise quite a few times, I always applied 2-3 months before the previous one expired since it could take 3-4 months to be approved. I never had an issue getting these travel documents. Like I said, I needed them because I didn’t have a passport. Re-entry permit shows that you have intent to keep your residency although CBP can evaluate intent on a case by case basis. In any case CBP can send you to secondary inspection but has no authority to revoke your green card as long as you do not voluntarily sign I-407. The most they can do is send you to an immigration judge. You can prove your intent by showing that you have social ties, financial ties etc (bank accounts, rental property, family in US, owns home etc etc).