Typographical Error


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I apply for green card (AOS). But they mess up the name between me and my friend (I have no Idea who mess it up between my lawyer or the USCIS because we do the same lawyer, same restaurant and the same time.) I already have SSN and my case is already proved but the name is my friend's name. So how long for the process to correct the name. (they call Typographical Error) The USCIS send the message they will correct the since July,2018. Until now I didn't get any message from the USCIS. I don't know how long for the process to change the name. And now I am still F1 Visa. So do I have to keep my status until I get an interview or not ? and I didn't get any case number to check the process, just still waiting to get the correct one from the USCIS. Anyone else in the same situation as me.