Travelling as PR by rental car to Canada-problem ??


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A lot of people have strongly suggested on this forum that driving as a permanent resident from US to Canada is ok only if the rental car has Canadian plates, otherwise it could be a problem.

I am a landed resident and I plan to travel (with my PR card) from Buffalo to Toronto in 2 weeks by rental car. My brother is accompanying me on a visitor visa (he is not a resident of Canada). The problem is I may not be able to get a car with Canadian plates. Is it possible for my brother to drive the car into Canada while I am on the passenger side ? (The only risk is that my brother's name will not be on the car rental contract, so technically he is not allowed to drive that car), but does Canadian immigration really check the car rental agreement to see who should actually be driving the car ?

Whenever I travelled on a visitior visa previously, they never checked the car agreement at the border. But has it happened with anyone before ? Can someone please tell me if it's ok to do as I plan ?

Thanks in advance...


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You could drive a US plated car into canada ( rental or no ) without any problems ..

I have done so many a times without any problem , Just say it is rental when asked .


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Thanks !

Thanks bhand11683,
Whew, that gives me a lot of relief !
Actually I should have been more clear. I am not a resident of the US(I'm on H1B) , but a landed PR of Canada. Still no problem I hope ?


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Nope ! You are okie

With this new PR rule of 2 out fo 5 years residency , There is absolutely no problem . You can even tell them you live in US and will move later , Then also it is okie ..


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I agree with bhand11683. I travelled to Canda recently in my own car & no issues. I told them that I am working on H1B in US.


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You can use your US drivers licence in Canada but when you move permanently to Canada then you have to get Canadian licence, You are fine till you are working in US.


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Candain & USA driving licence

Hi ,
I have a valid USA driving licence in USA and planning to have a Canadian DL as I will be moving to Canada from USA for 5-6 months time (I am a Canadian PR)and then again will move back to USA
Can I keep both USA and Candian DL at the same time
I know that USA DL licence and Ontario DL are exchageble but I don't want to pay for additional doller for DL transfar and written test(In chicago wrtitten & vision test is required)
So my plan is I apply for G1 and then G2 without surrendering my USA DL?Will this be illegal?
Apprecaite your feedback