Tracking GC holder when exiting the US


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For H-1B, we surrender the I-94 at the airline counter; INS can
determine the date we left the US.

For plastic GC holder, is the card swiped at the airline counter? Is any info forwarded by the airline to the INS?

If not, how does the INS verify the length of time a PR spent
abroad when (s)he re-enters the US? [to check if it's < 6 months]?

Do we have to produce other documents (paychecks etc.) to
support our claim that we were absent < 6 months? Or does
INS already have this info available?

( I posted this earlier, but it disappeared along with all the other
old posts)

Also, you will have exit/entry stamps on your passport everytime you travel ouside US.
Thanks for the replies.

As a new PR, my concern is the paperwork we may have to carry to avoid problems upon re-entry. After carrying H-1 approval notice, paychecks etc. during travel outside the US for the last several years (just in case), I was hoping that there would be less paperwork needed now that I have a GC.

Apparently not :)
I don't assume anything. It is better to be prepared for any eventuality, especially in today's environment.
I agree with JoeF

People are too paranoid in this group. Have soem confidence in yourselves. Life is too short. Relax and stop worrying.
At this rate even a US citizenship is not going to allay your fears and worries.
I have a GC and have had no trouble entering the US. I even get a "Welcome Back" nowadyas.