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    My Friends his 2 years old son and his Wife had 10 years Multi Visas.. they have been back and forward to U.S. 3 or 4 times, then after on one time at the JFK airport they Immigration Inspector refused there Entry.....and on the same plane they were send back to India.

    There 10 years visa was cancelled....scratch off...with the pen.
    They went to Mumbai US consulate to reapply again for visa..but then refused every time..

    I guess my friend just misused the 10 years visa and so suffered...

    Have any story ? Please let me know
    :eek: :mad:
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    There seems to be more than meets the eye. Some sort of misunderstanding has taken place at the port of entry when deported. Contact me with details on
  3. semiconsulate

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    There visa was cancelled just because they are spending more time in US then in India.

    They use to live in US for 6 months and then when the I94 expires before, they go back and then come back immediately within 2 weeks.

    On each trip, they were entering different port of entry and different airlines.

    They come with full family and says purpose as its a Business Trip.

    BUT AFTER ALL, THEY GOT THE VISA SECOND TIME....again.... :D :D :D today on June 8 2005. same 10 years multiple from Mumbai Consulate
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    If I was refused entry for coming too many times and had my Visa cancelled, is this considered a DETAINMENT as mentioned in Part 12, question 23 of the N-400??
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    Detainment is exactly as it sounds.

    transitive verb. 1 : to hold or keep in or as if in custody. detained by the police for questioning.

    So unlesss they had you in a room questioning you
    Answer is no!

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