To all FPGEE candidates and Fellow Pharmacists !!!


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Hi all,

I just came across this discussion forum, and surprised to see that there is a place for all Pharmacist\'s to share their owes in the process of getting their license in their respective states.

I myself did my graduate in Madras aka Chennai and did my Masters in BITS Pilani. I went thro the road that you are all going thro now
about 5 years ago, only that then there was no place like this to share and seek information. Anyway By god\'s grace I did get my License and i am presently working with CVS as a Pharmacy Team Leader. If there is anything i could do to help drop me a line and I will try and help to the extent I can.

Good Luck to You all !!!


P.S : I still have in my possesion a text book By Rudman which is aguide to Taking the FPGEE, I will be glad to share or sell. If any one needs
Not that it helps much or atlest not for me.

Leyla Arkan

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That`s very lovely that you want to help us. We really appreciate that. We would be very glad to know the type of the FPGEE and the study materials you used to pass this exam. It seems that we all bought the same books and started studying. But still we are afraid as people say sometimes that they are not enough. If you could share you ideas we will be very pleased and also in which state are you living?

Thanks again,


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I will try and recollect my experiences from my exam bat 5 years ago. My preparations were focussed on Basic Pharmacology, Pharmaceutic some calculations and brushing up Latin terms.

The books I used : Pharmacy Review ( For FPGEE the initial parts of the book are very important. The qsns were targeted on AS, CRS, Cardio vascular system and hormones.) I probably ran taro this book abt 2-3 times before the exam.

The Appleton Lange Book was quiet useful too. It is really a good book for FPGEE and NABPLEX.

I did Not have Morris Cody Notes when i took the exam. But going thro them for the basic chapters in Pharmacology should help.

The exam itself had qsns on Organic Chemistry : ( IUPAC naming )
some structures and asking us to identify what would be the end product of reactions.

Biochemistry qsns were targetting around cell structures, and few qsns on Metabolism.

The exam is really comprehensive, and No Matter how much you study it might not be enough. But if you were recently out of Pharmacy scholl it helps a lot as long as some basics are in your memory. Thank God i was little fresh out of school then.

Give it your best shot, Always try to eliminate the wrong one abd narrow down your choices to 1 or 2 in tough questions and that will improve your score. After the exam was over i was very disappointed and upset. When the score card came I was in the top scores. So you might feel that it was very tough, but will get thro.

I practice and live in Cherry Hill, a small suburb in the southern part of New Jersey.

Leyla Arkan

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Thank you very much for your information. It is great that you show us some ways and thanks for encouraging. I graduated at 1997 so it is a long time though I was in a pharmaceutical environment so not very far from the main subject. I believe that we all are trying our best. Hope to have some great results like you did. Pray for your collaguaes. I guess we need it,

God bless you,

Thanks again,


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Coming to US to write FPGEE

Hi Ramesh

    I live in IOWA , my brother is a Pharmacist in Chennai , he wants to take FPGEE exam , but how can he come to US to write that, is there any special VISA for that . Can please suggest me in this matter.


anita paleti

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hi ramesh.
this is anita...another graduate from bits pilani.....when did you passout from bits?i applied for fpgee in june 2000...and iam tired of waiting for their response. iam working as a pharmacy intern at walgreens for the past 1 year.your mail sure did help us.
hai anita

hai anita my name is harith aand i am a phramacy raduate from india

i am curently on an f1 visa doing my masters in industrial chemisrty here.
i would like ot know how are you working at walgreens without fpgee exam.please can you give me the details about this one.i would bevery thankful if you can mail me at
thanks a lot bye


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Hi anita
    I too have applied in june but yet to have any response. By the way how one can be employed as a intern in us?
           your reply shall help us here in India
how can we join as an intern

Hi Anitha,

I too applied for FPGEE and waiting for ee no.

Could you please tell me how can we join as an intern in walgreens before writing FPGEE.

thanks in advance


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Nice to meet a Bitsian after a while !!!!

Hi anita,

I am not a new grad, I finished my Masters in Bits in 1990. Boy it makes me feel old. I am glad my msgs were of use to you and Pharmacists from all over the world. Keep me posted on your developments and will be glad to hear from you. What state do you work in ? My company has asked me to help them fill a few vacancies, pl look at my msg for details if intrested.

I hope you enjoy working in the community pharmacy area, I have been doing it for 7 years and I am loving it.

Good Luck


anita paleti

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hi Ramesh,
i do enjoy working in the pharmacy ,expect that they dont understand whats taking so long for me to get licensed...they dont understand the problems we face with NABP.and iam waiting for my interns license for the past 14 months which i can get only after i get ATT no from FPGEC as per virginia state laws.More over all the hours iam putting in are not counted as i dont have my interns license.I am on a J2 visa with a work permitt from INS. i worked at riteaid for 3 months and then moved over to walgreens a year back.......hope things work fast.thanks for your help.


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Can we work without FPGEC Certificate

Hi All,
 I have come across this site recently. I have seen mail from Anitha saying that she is working in Walgreens and waiting for FPGEC certification..
Did any body get answer for this Q? Can we work here in US without FPGEC Certificate. Any help please would be appreciated greatly. ..
Thank you in advance ,

anita paleti

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got my att no today.....

hi all,
I got myATT no .today....finally after 15 months.Many people seems to have questions about me working without FPGEE..
well ,i applied at riteaid june 2000 as i have my work permit,i explained to them that i am in the process of getting licensed and i have a phD in pharmacy from India.They hired me and after 3 months walgreens hired me from there.They hired me as an intern even though iam eligible to get licensed only now with the att no.But my hours will start counting only now after i get my interns licensefrom virginia state board.
good luck to everyone.

Recently i came from jammu. What books one has to follow for FPGEE. getting att no. is equivalent as getting licence. When you gave your FPGEE exam. Its nice to see that you have completed Ph.d.
What books you have followed to qualify FPGEE. Your guidance may be helpful to all of us.


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Intern Pay

Hi Marie,

It depends on state to state.Here in Michigan they are giving $17.50 per hour.For Pharmcist range 38 to 40 dollars per hour.

All the best for ur career