TN Visa & Graduate degree relevancy

Hi All,

I am a biotechnology masters graduate and I didnt find jobs in canada so I moved to IT Software field long back like 10 years ago.

Now am trying to find jobs in United States and few interviews have been fruitful already.

My concerns are :

1. When I take my employer letter and Graduation certificate, wouldnt it contradict my studies to my work experience?
2. What are the chances of getting a TN approved under my circumstances?

How should I tackle the questions? Any strategies or work arounds?

Thanks in advance
What job category are you attempting to get a TN permit for?

For most categories, work experience is irrelevant. All that matters is you have a bachelor's degree in a related field.

If your bachelor's degree is in BioTech, then it's very doubtful you would be granted a TN in the Computer Systems Analyst category.