TN status, approved for H1-B change of status


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I have been in TN status for 6 years (across 2 employers) and I was selected in the second round of H-1B lottery. The firm already submitted the H-1B subject cap petition and it was approved in a few days - I just received my I-797 and i94 original copies.

I understand my status for H-1B comes in effect on October 1 - is there anything I need to do the next time I enter the US, outside of presenting my updated i94 in my passport? I also have NEXUS - would the office (or officer since COVID has closed the offices) be able to update my NEXUS based on the i94 from my I797?



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On October 1, you need stick the new I-94 in your passport. Next time you cross, the officer will decide what he wants to do: either give you a new I-94 or leave as is. Nothing for you to be concerned about.

As to Nexus, you would need to advise the officer that your status has changed, and they will take it from there.


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Hi Guys,
I'm in the same situation, TN to H1b COS was approved and I got a I-797 with a new i94 starting on oct 1st.
The issue is that I'm currently in Canada for 2 weeks and will NOT be in the US on oct 1st for the COS, does it mean my new i94 will not be valid if I'm abroad on oct 1st ?
How does it work when I travel back to the US in October in that case, do I still have to stick the new i94 in my passport ?
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I am also in the same boat. My employer obtained H1B after 5 years of TN. I have I-797B with new I-94.

I have two questions...
1. Detroit POE told my wife that they no longer issue paper based I-94 (in September) so nothing on her Canadian passport while getting TN. My question is....I do see I-94 number in I-797B but there is nothing I could attach to passport. Does that mean crossing border and inform new I-94 at the border sufficient?
2. Do I need to book an appointment in Toronto/Ottawa consulate for H1B Visa stamping? Does Canadian citizens requiring H1B visa stamping required?

Appreciate your guidance in advance.


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1, So, your spouse needs to go online and print her I-94 from September. That is her proof of status. I'm surprised that there is no I-94 attached to your I-797. How do you know the I-94 number? Did your employer tear it off by mistake? In any case, if you are sure that you have a new "invisible" then simply carry the I-797 with you next time you cross. There is NO NEED to go to the border to activate your H1-B. You are now in H1-B.

I'd be questioning your lawyer as to where the I-94 went. I-797s approved just a month ago had I-94s attached.

2. No, Cdns do not get consular visas for H1-B or mosy other statuses.