Time lag b/w Priority Dtae becoming current & AOS/485 Approvals?


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Time lag b/w Priority Date becoming current & AOS/485 Approvals?


I am EB2/PD:- Aug 2002. As of May my PD is current.

We were interviewd at the Manchester, NH field office back in Dec 2005 (after retrogression kicked in) & were informed by the adjudicating officer that once the VISA #s are available for our PD, our 485 would be approved.

In the meantime our FPs expired, so we had to get get another set done on Apr 25th.

My question is once the PDs become current how long does it usually take (or has taken for other member's/aquaintainces of other members for their 485 to be approved & notification sent of approval?

feedback appreciated


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Approx in three weeks time .. you should get the good news.

In the first week of May there might be an LUD in Ur 485 application.. That might suggest that they have opened or looking into Ur application.

In next 2 weeks there will be an email ..... UR card has been mailed...

Good luck and lets know how it goes.


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Since my file/application packet has moved from VSC to Manchester, NH field office (via the Boston District office), I do NOT get any LUDs anymore.

As a matter of fact I had to go get my EAD approved, as it was more than 90 days since I had applied, yet the EAD application/reciept # does not show any LUDs, even though I have a physical EAD card.

Can any of the folks here who got their 485 approval from a field/satelite office share their experiences (or of their friend's?)
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Don't know what to expect.......

Hello Saksena,
I don't want to discourage you but this is what happened in my case....
EB3 / India,
PD: Mar 2000

My PD became current in march, till now I haven't heard anything. Don't know what to do next... contact senator?? :confused:

BTW I check my status through this link https://egov.immigration.gov/cris/jsps/index.jsp . There is no way I can check the LUD. Could anybody suggest where should I go to check the LUD status?


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The URL you gave - look at the bottom of that webpage and you will see "Create/Edit customer portfolio account".

Create an account and then on the same webpage you will see "Login" in the left hand menu. Use that link to login to your account. Add your cases to your account (using the receipt numbers - in your case LINXXXXXXX).

Once you add your cases to your profile, you will be able to see the LUD (Last Updated Date) changes .......

Cheers !


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LUDs & so forth

Since my file was transferred to the field Office (Manchester, NH via Boston DO) I have not seen any LUDs. Last updated for us is Sept' 2005.
Since then we have had
(1) AOS interview in Dec 2005
(2) 2nd FPs in Apr 2005
Seems like once the file gets transferred to one of the satelite offices, the communication just breaks down.

Tht being said, would appreciate any inputs from folks here who got their 485 approval from a field/satelite office???


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Be Proactive..

I still cant beleive my process is close to done. I finally have a temporary green card in hand for myself, but I cant beleive it is all over. I have been to my local office during lunch time (since it is 10 minutes walk from office) almost every 6-7 times since March 1st, when my priority date became current.

My FP had expired, so when we went for the first time on March 3rd, we were told to get re-fingerprinted. We got the our FPs done the same day, as the support center toget the FP done was close to the local INS office. Waited for couple of weeks. Since we did not receive any replies, made an appointment again and went back around March 3rd week. This time officer did not go into much details, only said, they probably have received the finderprints and the files are waiting in Adjucation officer's bucket.
Waited for another couple of weeks. No replies, no notices. I took another appointment and went back to check the status. This time I met with more senior officer, but not very helpful. I was told that your case is not current. When I mentioned my PD is NOV-2000 and it is current since last couple of months, and does she need any proof? Based on that, she mentioned that the office did not have time to look into individual cases and I will have to wait. I was told there is no process to expedite my case.
Confused on the answers given by the IIO, i took another appointment and went back in another week, this time with all the papers, visa bulletins, my LC approval notice, LC application, I140 approval notice with PD dates, local office processing dates (they were processing I485 filed in 2005, mine was
applied in aug-2003). This time I met a very helpful officer, who kept mentioning that everthing is in order and our applications are just waiting to be approved. Based on some persistence, she gave us a form to expedite our process. I provided all explaination (PD current, 485 applicaition way before of their processing date) and all relevant proof that needed, visa bulletins, etc etc .
I also asked my attorney to send a mail describing my position (PD current, 485 applicaition way before of their processing date). INS responded back to my attorney's letter on May 1st, saying that application was approved
on April 24th.
Since it had been a week and I did not receive any written approval notice, I went there to get a copy of that. I did not beleive the officer spent close to 1/2 hr searching for my file, but could not find it. The Officer came back and mentioned that the file has already gone to Nebraska for physical card processing, so she could not provide a written notice. She double checked that my case has been approved and offered to provide a temporary Green card. I went out got some passport photgraphs and got a temporary green card in hand. It looks like the I94 document, with GC stamp on top
of it. I dont know how many people here have received anything similar.
Had applied 3 EADs and 2 APs in all.
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Appreciate all the responses & suggestions I have got!

As I mentioned earlier, we were interviewed back in Dec 2005, were told by the adjudicating officer, that we would get our AOS approved as soon as there was a VISA # available for our PD (Aug 2002), and the officer suggested that we call once the PD is current..

Based on the Officer's suggestion, I called today & mentioned tht PD was current for us, & he recomended tht we should show up tomorrow & talk to the Info guy & if it is actually current, request for our AOS to be sent to the Officer in context, & he assured that he would approve, while we wait....
Tht being said, I kind of zoned out @ tht point, & did NOT ask if we would be able to get a stamp on our passport, All the officer said was tht we would get approved tomorrow if everything was in order & our PDs were current & then we would recieve a GC in the mail...
My question is Is the USCIS NOT stamping passports anymore.

PLEASE, we would appreciate any feedback/accounts of whts been going on from the forum members




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Stamping for Gc

Dont thnk USCIS stamps on passports, in fact I didnt have passport with me today. I was given card similar to I94, the officer stuck my photo on top of it, and stamped, that says this is temporary evidence of lawful permanant residence


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For my spouse, visa numbers became available on April 1, and the case was approved on April 13. EB1/India/RD 11/2004. Spouse's name check was pending earlier in addition to the retro issue.


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Manchester, NH USCIS satelite office visit - Am I approved?

we went in to the USCIS satelite office as the officer had asked us to yesterday, took an infoapss. got to the info desk, told them that our PD was current.

The lady at the info desk checked the PDs & confirmed that it was indeed current, asked us to get 2 passport pic each of me & my wife, stapled them with the application on the form which is sent for GC (the actual card) printing, and said that the officer is going to go online today and ask for a VISA #, (she said that getting the VISA # might take upto a day or two).

When I asked if this meant my 485 was approved, she said yes, but she couldn't stamp our passports as she does not know what VISA # would be alloted to us. She said that we should get a welcome letter in the mail very soon, followed by the physical card.

Not sure what this means, & what my status is. Has anybody else had a similar experience? AM I REALLY APPROVED?

Would appreciate feedback.