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I am hoping you can help please, MY husband and I live currently in the UK with our 2 children (both children were born in the USA) we previously started the process to move back to the USA and got up to the point of the affidavit of support, sadly we had to change plans due to a death in the family, my Aunt died leaving 3.children behind that needed us. We moved from our address that was registered to a new home and never received the letter to say the case would expire. My husband called the customer service number and was told that we may be able to reactivate our previous claim (it seems to still be on the system, it has been 3 years. So we have a few questions if you could help we would really appreciate it. We have been married for 15 years and my husband is an only child and his mother is not getting any younger, we also want our children to know their American side of the family and especially their Grandma.

1 Do you think that they will reactivate the previous case
2. If they do we read that there may be a penalty of $310?
3. Would that then put us to the step we were at previous (AOS)
4. If we have to start the whole process again can we file a form so that I can travel to the USA and file from there? I am not comfortable flying on a visa waiver and then applying to adjust my status, just because I would be so nervous because I would feel like a liar.
5. What would be the time frame currently to go from applying until I can travel?
6.If I did fly on a visa waiver and was questioned at the border could i just say that I was intended on Stalingrad changing my status?
7. What would be the fee if I was to hire your company to do this process for us?

Any other help or advice you can offer would be gladly accepted.
Thank you

Not open for further replies.