The Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act "

Hello guyz, i have a couple questions about " The Secure America and Orderly Immigration Act " bill introduced by senator Mccain and kennedy.
My questions are," 1-how likely is this bill to pass the senate and the house and be law?
2- how soon could they vote on this bill and if the bill is passed, will it be enacted right away?

my other question is, i havent heard any news about the bill since it's been introduced on may 12th this bad news or does it take a lot of time to get a vote etc etc?

my last question is can this bill be turned into law before the month of june is over or even before december? the reason im asking is because a friend of mine is schedule for a date with an immigration judge and if this bill could be passed in time, he could adjust his status before the december date.
A competing immigration reform bill is expected to be announced sometime this summer. The new bill is being prepared by republican senator John Cornyn. This bill will be more restrictive than McCain/Kennedy bill. My guess is that immigration reform will be a hot topic this year in congress. But another election is coming next year. These politicians care more about their political career than doing the right thing. With a republican restrictionist majority, it's hard to tell if anything will be passed this year. It depends vastly on President Bush's active support.
thanx for the you mean that there is a greater chance that those politician wont even take a vote on it and sweep this under the rug and ignore it?? i just wish something is done anything
Well, let's not forget both houses have to agree and it goes two seperate ways meaning the house of reps may inflict changes and then the senate may inflict different changes, then they have to vote if they approve it, if both houses agree, then they look at each others differences and it goes back, so it takes rather a long time.