The procedure to change lawyer


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after I-485 was filed?
My whole green card process was handled by my current company's lawyer. Now I am in the middle of switching jobs and therefore my lawyer as well. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me over this issue!

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It easy..

I changed my lawyer in-between my I-485 process.

Its simple, what you have to do is ask your new laywer to request a NOC (No Objection Cert) from th eold laywer...usually should not be problem. The old would send your complete file along with the NOC to the new lawyer.

The new laywer will ask you to sign the G-28 form, which states that he is going to represnt you from here on.


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Also please make sure to tell ur old attorney to forward any mail he gets to you too.
In my case even though I filed a change of lawyer notification RFE to the 485 went to the old lawyer, who forwarded it to me..

just in case it's a good idea to let the old attorney know



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what to do if no new lawyer?

What should we do to notify BCIS if we no longer want the former employer's lawyer or any lawyer to handle our case and all documents should be submit to us? I cannot seem to find an answer on how to do this.

We currently don't have a lawyer and were issued RFE. We asked the lawyer to foward any mail to us, the lawyer sent a rude email about us having to notify the BCIS that he is no longer our lawyer.