Texas service center process time improving?


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Hi all,

Just wanted to share this information below. It made me hopeful... But I'm not sure exactly which form or part of green card process they are talking about.....:confused: hope it's I-485. (Sorry I cannot post a URL yet because I'm a newbie here, but if you google the article name below, the first result that pops up is the one)

"Petitions for US worker green cards down sharply" ANABELLE GARAY/AP writer
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True the number of Green Cards filed this year have decreased Tremendously. But for those - especially in EB-2 and Eb-3 - whose Priority date is 2008 or 2009 still have to wait a long time depending on the vagaries of retrogression!! Sometimes PD gets retrogressed to 2001!!!

This might sound very selfish - but what I would REALLY like to know is - Are the 300,000 odd backlogs that keep PD between 2001-2005 instead of advancing, are being withdrawn as well due to recession? From where I stand - lesser number of new GreenCards being filed will make NO DIFFERENCE to getting the greencard faster for EB2 or EB3 - unless the 300000 odd backlogs are being reduced due to withdrawals due to layoffs/applicants returning to home country!!

anyone know any statistics on this?
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