Ten years bar over


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On a serious note Cab Drivers make $1500 a week?

Between @SusieQQQ @Sm1smom @1AurCitizen

You”ve gotten advice that would cost you a few hundred bucks atleast!! At a consultation with an Attorney

Whats the point of asking questions if your mind is already made up on what you want to hear?

Im no IO, just forum member, but you do come off as being desperate to enter the US fyi “im not one to judge”

But if regular folks can get that feeling so will an IO. After all. They”re just regular folks themselves.
Anyways GL hope you do get to see your daughter:
Thanks i appreciate constructive advice but not to put everything i talk about down, anything is possible, i didn't expect to go USA 7 years into my bar but it happen and i only spent 1 week out of 12 months visa FYI I'm not desperate, I just feel I need to see my sibling sometime and to participate in either graduation or some other activities for my daughter.


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Americans becoming British citizens are doing so legally. And plenty of British citizens become US citizens too, legally.

We're trying to offer realistic visa/immigration related advice. What did you find so offensive?

You're the one to mention a 15 year overstay, then deportation, then a 10-yr bar, then your visa attempts the past 3 years. And you said the London embassy is tough. Fair enough. You asked for advice about entering from Canada.. well, all we did was to suggest to give it a try. Now if you want us to say all is hunky dory, that you'd be admitted for six months with no issues.. well, it ain't like that. The US Border officers look at previous history, maybe question you about your intentions in the US, and decide if they're authorized to admit you into the US. The British government does the same thing. Do you have issues when UK Border Control refuses entry to someone who was deported from the UK after a 15 year illegal overstay?

I sincerely hope you are able get into the US and meet your daughter. Keep us posted how you get on. Wish you luck!
All that you said was right but i overstayed when i was young but now I'm older and wiser if I want to repeat i could have overstayed when I was giving a 12months waiver visa thank you. anyway, i will give you good feedback on my success.