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    All Left.

    Yes you are correct. We all left.... And no one is saying that they were bonded/tied or other adjectives or anything. :rolleyes:

    The thread is about Tax Fraud.

    All TCS/E&Y/Accenture guys are hoping to get some of "THEIR" their money back....
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    I dont support/promote unethical practices either. Based on the issue here, the company promises (though the "slaves" website says they were not) X amount, and if the company pays you as much, it has completed its end of the bargain PERIOD.

    If the company has filed with DOL that they are paying you a lot more -- when it is infact not doing so -- it is for DOL to take action against the comany. The employees can atmost complain to DoL of such unfair practices, but on an ethical level, if the employee is expecting the company to shell out the difference (or even if the DoL asks the company to pay backwages inspite of the agreement the company has with the employee), it is nothing short of looting the company.

    On the topic, people claim that they did not know what they were signing or were not told what they are signing. Give me a break, if you signed papers without reading (and understanding the consequences) you have no one but yourself to blame.
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    This thread is discussing Tax fraud, but if you look at work culture and make employee work more hours with out getitng any incentive, lot of american companies doing that..well known example is Verizon.. ask any person who worked for VZ, most of them will be putting 50-60 hours per week.

    One of my friend was in a critical launch project, they asked all team members to put over time in time sheets(generelly they wont do that), these guys worked day and night for 3 months, after launch they simply said they will pay for only 40 hours:(
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    Trial Transcripts?

    What are the court rulings?

    These cases against Tata, Infosys, Accenture were posted here to the Immigration Portal 5 months ago. Have any of the above gone to trial yet? If not, when are they scheduled? Are these body-shops continuing the practice in spite of the lawsuits?

    Will Tata continue the practice even if they lose in court?

    The Bad Ass Outcaste
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    Thats true. I went through that. I worked for an employer called SPL Worldgroup ( I was putting in enormous amount of overtime for years together for a couple of years, travelled at 90% to customer sites and across timezones though travel was not there in my contract and could not change jobs with fear of losing priority date on Green card. Then I finally retracted and moved to consulting without worrying about PD. I definitely lost on PD but, now I am better off on health, have control over my rate.

    For most people, it just takes some time to realise what they get into. Basically corporates have no ethics. Laws have loopholes and workarounds and the basic reasons laws are there is because they can be worked around. I don't sympathise with employers. Most of these companies are highly influential and do a lot of lobbying and get what they want. Smaller employers are free riders. There are some good employers who are ethical, but to what extent? we don't know. As far as I know everything is a give and take. You want something, they want something. Depends on where you want to balance.

    I do not find it "thrilling" to identify myself as "I work for Infosys or I work for Microsoft etc..." as long as I get what I want and as long as I am doing a good job and learning new stuff and moving on. I have always moved forward without burning bridges when I thought the "marriage between me and my current job is moving towards a divorce".
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    They will. They have power, money and influence. it is easy to sue small time shops like Ajay International, cybersoft etc.. and in most cases these companies also get away with smalll punishments. There is absolutely no room for ethics in corporate world.
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    I think that is illegal

    And it is illegal for a good reason.
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    I am curious to know as to how you lost your PD ? Was your I-140 cleared ? This information is very imp for me as I am looking to switch after I-140.

    Here is what I found on retaining PD on Rajiv Khanna's site :


    If a person has received an I-140 approval through an employer, the priority date then permanently belongs to him or her. Under very limited circumstances (such as fraud) INS may revoke the I-140 thus causing a loss of priority date.

    If such a person changes employers, their priority date will remain the old one, even though they have to process their labor certification and I-140 again with the new employer. It does not matter where in USA the new job is located, what the new job title is or whether the new job falls under EB-2 or EB-3. The priority date is still transferable.

    We recommend that an applicant keep at least a copy of the I-140 approval notice.

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    I was only at labor stage stuck in BEC while I was working at SPL Worldgroup. So there was no way I could carry forward my PD unless I have a 140 approved from that company
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    Pending lawsuit against TCS

    The lawsuit mentioned above is progressing through the courts and deadlines are approaching. Please contact me at if you were affected by these TCS policies and I will forward you the information to which you are entitled. I am happy to email you the most up to date information if I have your email address.

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