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Successful J1 waiver (NOS, Philippines)

Discussion in 'General J Visa and Related Issues' started by galantry, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. missmykids

    missmykids Registered Users (C)

    THanks Galantry....God bless you more!
  2. researchMD

    researchMD New Member

    Thank you Galantry.

  3. helpmysis

    helpmysis New Member

    question on following up on NOS from CFO

    hi there.. came across this forum while I was trying to help my sis with her J1 waiver concerns. I was hoping any of you could help me/her.
    Is there a way to verify with CFO (commission on filipino overseas) whether they have received the NOS application as well as the other documents? My sister asked the help of a lawyer to process her papers but we feel that the lawyer has not yet done anything even if he said he has. And now we'd like to check if the documents have indeed been passed on to the proper agency. Would any of you know if this is possible?
    Thank you!
  4. prasad581

    prasad581 Registered Users (C)

    what is difference between j1 and j2 ?
  5. branpaul_guiao

    branpaul_guiao Registered Users (C)

    wow! i'm glad that there are other Pinoys here too!

    I'm also in the process of securing an NOS from CFO.

    Do you know anyone from non-medical/teaching field who received an NOS?

    My visa is a bit different because I'm a finance management trainee. It's valid for only 18 months and will expire by June next year.

    Please send me a private message so we can exchange our email add. thanks.
  6. galantry

    galantry Registered Users (C)

    The only way to verify that is to check the tracking number of your parcel if it had been delivered to Manila. Unless there is a force majeure or a theft, your parcel should be received by the CFO. From my experience and that of people I know, the CFO had been very efficient and professional in handling the NOS applications. They sent me an email with the attached NOS the day after it had been issued even if they did not inform me that they had received the documents which I did not think was really necessary to do.

    Just be patient. When you have all the documents complete and in order, you should be fine.
  7. helpmysis

    helpmysis New Member


    Thank you Galantry!
  8. helpj1

    helpj1 New Member


    Gosh.. this is really embarassing but Im gonna put on a pachyderm face out here... Its just that im so anxious to start this NOS J1 waiver process since this is a one shot deal for me.. Im afraid that if I screw this up, I will never be able to get out of this 212e. Im telling you guys.... not even xanax is helping me calm my nerves thinking about this every night... I was hoping some of you here can help me out on this process by sharing some template letters that I can work on in starting this waiver process. I would very much appreciate it...

  9. branpaul_guiao

    branpaul_guiao Registered Users (C)

    hi Galantry,

    how many pages did you use in writing these reasons?

  10. galantry

    galantry Registered Users (C)


    2 pages.
  11. branpaul_guiao

    branpaul_guiao Registered Users (C)

    thanks. i'm now starting to write my waiver request.
    i'll try to make it long. :D

    btw, how much did you pay for the notary services?
    i already have "clearance" letters from my previous employers, but they were dated 2008. ipapa-notarize ko ba yun dito sa US?
  12. galantry

    galantry Registered Users (C)

    I did not pay because the notaries were my friends. I paid, however, for the authentication of the notaries by the County Clerk, Secretary of State and the Philippine embassy. You only notarize and authenticate the documents issued in the US. The ones from the Philippines do not need to be notarized here in the US, but whether the CFO will honor or verify the documents is entirely up to them. I had no problems though. Good luck!
  13. branpaul_guiao

    branpaul_guiao Registered Users (C)

    hi galantry, i have a further question on this.
    on the letter of employment offer, was it notarized/authenticated here in the US? how much did you pay for notary service?

    was the letter addressed to CFO or to you?
    I am about to ask my host employer to make a letter for me, but I'm not sure whom should they address it to.

    i mean should the letter be like...

    "Dear CFO, please issue an NOS to branpaul so we can sponsor him a work visa..."

    or " Dear Branpaul, i am please to offer you an employment.... but you need to have a waiver so we can sponsor you a work visa...

    thanks again. :D
  14. galantry

    galantry Registered Users (C)

    I got 2 letters from my supervisor. One was addressed to me, confirming the job offer if the waiver would be issued and another one for the CFO. The one for the CFO was more like a letter of support stating that I had been very productive with my work and that my skills were unique and specialized and could not be easily replaced. The letter addressed to me was included as a supporting document so I had it notarized and authenticated. The letter for the CFO was included also in the documents I submitted to the CFO but it was not notarized because it was more of a direct and personal letter to the NOS committee; however, the complete contact details of my supervisor were listed on the letter so the CFO could directly verify the veracity of the letter.

    The rest of your questions had been discussed in my previous responses. Carefully read them again.
  15. galantry

    galantry Registered Users (C)

    Any news, missmykids?
  16. vancemaravilla

    vancemaravilla New Member

    NOS and J1 expiration

    I have finally got my presumtive death approved in Philippines and going to get married with US citizen. My J1 expires in December 09. I can probably file all the paperwork NOS in end August or September. Does anybody knows if it's ok to overstay J1 visa while waiting for waiver and get petitioned after the visa expires? Do I need to submit application to DOS first and then to NOS or just NOS first and then after it's approved, then DOS?
  17. chasgrich

    chasgrich Registered Users (C)

    "Notarized and authenticated copy of the DS-2019 is enclosed" Please tell me how you got this document notarized. I am currently struggling with getting my wife's DS 2019 authenticated. I emailed the person listed on her DS 2019 form as Alternate Responsible Officer, and whose signature appears on the form under Signature of Responsible Officer or Alternate, and this person said she didn't know anything about authenticating or notarizing the document. I feel like her signature has to be Notarized on the document for it to be authenticated, but there is also the signature of a consular officer, and a stamp from homland security at LAX. I am wondering wha on this form needs notarization before I can have it authenticated by the US Sec. of State. Any help anyone can give me I would love. Thank you.
  18. galantry

    galantry Registered Users (C)

    Wow! Seems like your responsible officer is either new to her job or does not have any law and judiciary background. That is strange for someone who signs a DS-2019. Anyway, this is how you do it:

    1) Take a photocopy of the DS-2019
    2) Bring the photocopy and the original to a notary public
    3) The notary public meticulously inspects if the photocopy is indeed a true copy of the original.
    4) If so, on the photocopy, the notary types "true copy of the original as personally inspected by this notary" or something of that nature, presses his dry seal and affixes his signature.
    5) You're done!
  19. chasgrich

    chasgrich Registered Users (C)

    so I don't need to get the acctual original DS 2019 notarized and authenticated. I was told I needed an Authenticated DS 2109. If I can use a notarized and authenticated copy though, that would make my life a boatload easier. I gotta say this forum is by far the most helpful resource I've found on the internet for immigration issues. Thank you to everyone who posts such helpful information and hopefully at the end of this process I'll have some helpful info of my own to pass on.
  20. galantry

    galantry Registered Users (C)

    Section 6-b(1) of the GUIDELINES AND PROCEDURES ON THE WAIVER OF THE TWO-YEAR HOME COUNTRY RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT FOR EXCHANGE VISITORS (as of April 2008) by the CFO states that you only need a copy of the DS-2019. That copy must be authenticated as indicated in Section 7. For further details, click on this link:
    http://www.cfo.gov.ph/Guidelines as of July 2008.pdf

    Good luck and keep us posted. :cool:

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