Successful H1 stamping in Mexico with 3 yr degree

confused-need help

I will appreaciate if anyone can share their experience with me.
I came to the US on B2 visa in 2002, I got married to a US citizen who filed I-130 and I-485 for me in 2003. In 2004 the application was denied, within the 30 days of appeal grace , I file an appeal on the decision. I have since divorced my ex-husband because of unfaithfullness. The issues is that I still have the appeal pending but I got a job and the employer is ready to file H1-B, If H1-B is approved, the lawyer said I will have to go to a consular office outside the US to get H-1B stamp on my passport. Can anyone advice on the best US consular office to use and the risks involved if any.
I have a MS degree from a US university.
Removing the I-94

I don't know about the other things about getting the H1 stamped in other country but never let anyone to take your I-94 from your passport. Someone did take it from my passport on my way to Canada and hence on my way back I had to wait for long to get my new I-94 as well as pay a fee for that. But the advice I got from the immigration officer is that don't let anyone take your I-94 from your passport if anyone asks you for it tell them that they can take it but ask them to give you a letter saying for why they are taking it and you will find that they won't take it...
I 94 in your passport

Dear Anu.
You're partly right. If you cross the border of US with Mexico or Canada -- you don't have to surrender your I94 (because these 2 countries have "special" immigration policy with US, not like other countries). You're right, it will be pain in the but to try to get it back. But when you go to India (or anywhere else) you have to give them you I 94 so they have the record that you left the country. Otherwise you'll have problems entering US next time.
Could you please let me know from where did you get the evaluation for Indian bachelors degree that is recognised by US counsulate.
Thanks a lot,
H1B Multiple Entry Stamping in Mexico

This is in regards to the multiple entry stamping from Mexico... :confused:
I am planning to get my stamping done in Mexico, I am currently on H1B for about 2 years. I did not leave the country after I had initially come for my MS. I have graduated and hold MS from US.

Has anyone got their stamping in Mexico, and how was your experience. I would appreciate any leads and advice as to whom I can use. I was refered to Victor Garcia, anyone used their services.

What are the documents that will be required.

Getting Visa from Mexico

Hi All,
I came to the United States in Sep 2001 on F-1 Visa and got my MS Degree in Computer Information Systems. I got OPT, worked for some time on that too, and then Company A filed for my H-1B in Sep 2004 with a start date of OCT 2004. I worked for Company A for the months of Oct and Nov 2004 and then switched the company. I worked with Company B till May 2005 and Because of good offer, joined Company C. At present I am working as a Consultant at a Reputable IT Firm in the Bay Area.

Beacuse of my project, my new client wants me to to visit other countries but I am in a fix as my F-1 is expired in Dec 2004 and I don't have an H1 stamped in my passport.

To continue my job, I need the stamping done. Is it a good idea to go to Canada or I can go to Maxico for the same purpose too. What are the chances of getting things in line in either countries? Is there any real affect of changing companies, if they offer you a better rate then the previous company?

Any help or experience will be appreciated.

Stamping in Canada.....????

Many are asking this question again & again ......Is it possible to get the visa stamped in Canada.....previously they used to do it but these days it is like "WHY ARE YOU HERE FOR STAMPING". So consulate insists that you go to your home country to stamp it since it is a possibility that Canada won't have all your records for past years in their database. ........but here you can have an exception suppose you go to Canada for work thru your company then you have a genuine reason for getting it stamped in Canada. I did that myself in FEB2005. But for that also I had to go to the consulate twice 1 week after my first visit since they said that they want to check all my previous record.

I haven't come across anyone on this forum saying that I got my visa stamped in Canada. Also another issue in this is that you have to get an appointment online and then they send you appointment letter & all forms etc to your address. In your situations to which address in Canada will you get this appointment letter.

I am posting my experience and not a advice.

New H4 do i need a appointment for stamping in India?


I have a valid new H4 which is not stamped on my passport. My finger printing is already done in past and my old visa is still valid which is stamped on passport.

I am going to India for 3 months so my question is do I need to take a appointment for the new visa stamping. I had sent query to US consulate in India who give appointments and one replied yes & one replied no..........and now I am totally confused....

Pls anyone can advice.

I am from Mexico

If you are not mexican you will need a permit to enter to Mexico. It cost less than 30 dollars and can be obtained at the Mexican border.
95%... they wont check if you have the permit.
5%... they will ask you for the permit. It is very rare if this happen, but sometimes immigration officials from Mexico request it, and if you do not have it. you would be in serious trouble... I have seen a couple of cases and all I can say is that they are not going to be polite with you if you do not have the permit. You would be treated for deportation!.
So you decide if you want to take the risk. I say it is only 5% of risk. I traveled last time with a non-mexican and they ask him for the permit! He had it so he did not have any problems.

"By the way, one of the articles mentioned that we need a permit to go to Tijuana. It is totally misleading. I have been to Tijuana 4-5 times (at least twice after 9-11), but they never asked for the permit. Also, I want to clarify, they do NOT check (on your way back to US) to see if you did enter Mexico with permit. The only officials you will see is the US immigration officials whose main goal is to ensure your visa status to enter US. They care a damn how you went to Mexico. It is none of their business and frankly they don't even have time to check if you have proper papers for entering US.

So, please don't waste your money on permit. You are only making someone else's pocket full. I can assure you that no one will check your mexican permit on your way back."
H1 Stamp in Canada is not out of the question

imgdoc said:
I am now on my 4th year of H1. My first H1 was processed while I was in India and was stamped in India. I am now on a new H1 from a different employer and this visa was obtained while I was here and hence is not yet stamped. Is it still possible to to get the visa stamped at the Mexican consulate? How risky is it to go to India without a stamp on the visa? Is it very difficult to get it stamped in India?
I got my H1 stamp in Calgary, Canada last November. (Now, Canada is not my native country and I was not employed in Canada. I was living and working in the US when all this happened.) Everything went as smoothly as one could hope for. I made an apppointment with them online before I went. ( The wait time at the consulate was about 3 hours but I got the stamp the same day. The people at the consulate seemed familiar with the procedure and did not make a big fuss about it. If you have all the necessary paperwork (i.e. educational, tax and most importantly employment documents), Calgary may be an alternative to Mexico.
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Blanket L1 to H1B (COS) visa stamping in Mexico/Canada

Hello Friends,

Here is my case. Any advise would be highly appreciated.

I am a citizen of India. I came to the US on Blanket L1 visa on Dec 04, 2005. A US company filed new H1B petition for me and now I have changed my job and joined the new H1B sponsoring company from Oct 2006 after it got approved. I have completed a 4 year Bachelor of Engineering Course in Information Science from India and have 3.5 years of work experience in total. Is it advisable to come to Mexico/Canada and get my new H1B visa stamping done? Please also let me know the complete list of documents that are required for successful visa stamping.

Best regards,