Substitution for approved LC


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My company has an approved Labor Certification. They want to use it for me. But I work for a different legal entity within the company.

The approved LC is for my company ABC (with employer id 123). My W-2 (tax statement) says that my employer is ABC, an agent for xyz (employer id 123). Everything matches, but there is an agent part for which my company says I work for xyz, not ABC. So they are not willing to process with the case.

Is it a valid reason? Can they update my records in company database and say I work for ABC and remove agent part? Please advise.

Here are the options my company lawyer said
1. Company would make a change in the records and show that I work for ABC by the time I receive green card. If the switch doesn\'t happen I would lose the green card and the case is considered a fraud.

Would I lose the GC? Do I need to reapply for GC all over again???

Please help !!!!!!


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similar situation

Hi - I am in a similar situation. Since its been a year since your last post please let me know how you handled your situation.

Here is my situation: Company A as parent has two legal entities (subsidiaries) B & C. My approved LC is from B and now B is laying off but I have the option to go work for C (same parent). The lawyer thinks that the approved LC cannot be used because of the different legal entity issue. Help?? I want to avoid filing again