State Dept Foreign Affairs Manual. Find answers to your questions.

Here's the official State Dept policy on visas as revealed by Him to the Prophet (after the Prophet cajoled and pestered Him and then threatened to drag Him to court under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), if he didn't reveal His plan for Homo Immigrans.)

Foreign Affairs Manual & Foreign Affairs Handbooks
9 FAM - Visas

Every kind of question you have on CP is answered somewhere there.

42.63 Procedural Notes discusses the general process from p3 to green card.
42.53 Procedural Notes answers questions on dependent PDs, labor substituted PDs, etc.

Hopefully there'll be fewer questions, fewer confusion, fewer uncertainty about how priority dates and other stuff work...
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Thanks for posting the link, it definitely answers lot of questions. By the what have u decided about switching to 485?