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I got this SSN at the time I was working at my school. It was a temporary SSN. Now we are getting married with my girlfriend and I am wondering if I can use that SSN or tell them that I don't have a SSN? Is there a way that I can check the current status of my SSN?


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SSN is usually issued once per person for a lifetime. There is nothing like temporary SSN. So you do have SSN and you could use for all lawful purposes. You could go to your local SSA office and find out about your SSN.
I was a F-1 Student. And as a student I didn't have work permit. I could only work at school. I started to work at school and got this SSN. I couldn't attend school last winter and lost my status. I moved to this new apartment and signing up with cable company they told me that my SSN is not valid. I was suprised because I used that SSN all the time. I also used it with this same company before and it was valid. This is why I don't know if I should fill a affidavit form or use that SSN when getting married. I am also little bit scared of going to the SSA office because of this whole blurry situation. What else can I do?
fromnaija is mistaken. there is such a thing as temporary ssn's and i forget which, but they all begin with a certain number, so if you see a ssn begining with a certain prefix then you know its temporary. when you get married just tell them you had a temporary ssn that is expired.