Spouse work authorization after primary applicant uses EAD


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Hello Sir, We have the following situation.

1) Currently working on H1-B valid until Oct 2022.
2) Spouse working on H4 EAD.
2) 485, EAD, AP applied October or 2020
3) Primary applicant EAD, AP approved.
4) Derivative applicant EAD AP not approved yet, as 485 was initially rejected and we reapplied.
5) Biometrics for Derivative applicant completed in July.
6) Priority dates current since last 3 months.
7) Still waining or medical RFE.

I am wanting to change my job using my EAD. If I change my job will my wife lose her H4 EAD and have to stop working ?

Please advice, Thankyou.


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Yes. In that case she will have to wait until she gets her I-485-based EAD before she can work again.