special issue...got H4 RFE require H1 approval copy, where H1 extn still pending


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I recently applied for my 7th year's H1B extension on 13th July 2010 based on my I 140 approval and

period requested for H1B extension was till 30th September 2013 (3 years). However My Case still

Pending with Vermont service center.

Meanwhile, before my H1B approval I applied H4 extension(separately) for my spouse with my H1B Receipt

Notice and requested for H4 extension till 30th September 2013 While mentioning My Pending H1 Extention

receipt Number in I539 form. We recently received an RFE , asking that to submit the proof my H1B


In this regard, I dont to how to proceed and answer USCIS's RFE. Can you please help in this regard.