Soon to become naturalized US citizen. How to bring wife and child to US? Visitor or K Visa?

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    Can someone please guide me fastest way to bring family to US?

    I plan to bring wife and our 6 months young daughter to US. I am confused about filing I130. I am thinking bringing the family on K visa and file it when they are here. My daughter does not have passport yet. I think she should have Indian passport if she wants to travel to US but I am not sure.

    Thanks! Your will be appreciated.
  2. newacct

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    You would petition each of them with an I-130 petition, and they will go through consular processing in India to get immigrant visas to immigrate to the US. Yes, each person will need a passport to get a visa and to travel internationally.

    K-1 is for fiances; your wife is not your fiance as you guys are married. K-3 is obsolete.
  3. UAsInUsa

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    Thanks newacct for your reply.

    What are my options? Can I bring them to USA on vistior/Tourist visa once I become US Citizen? Is there a way to apply for I130 here after they arrived here?
  4. newacct

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    They will likely be denied a visa or denied entry if they try to enter the US with intent to immigrate while here.

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