Should i start my GC process again?

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Should i start my GC process again?

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  1. tdmine

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    I work for A-B joint venture. I was hired by company A in the state of california. Company A has been processing my green card for the last one year. The LCA was issued to me in march 2008 and my attorney is about to file I-140. Now i have been transfered to New york with company A-C-D joint venture while still working for company A but with higher salary to cover the cost of living.

    falling under the joint venture category, My attorney has suggested me two solutions.
    first, My attorney says we will have to start the whole green card process from scratch including the H1B, LCA, I-140 that will be affliated to A-C-D joint venture.

    Second, I can be transfered to New York but will have to return to california when my I-485 is approved. I am worried that A-B joint venture may not exist when my I-485 is approved due to back log situation under Indian citizenship status and more importantly the govt. construction project is scheduled to be completed in 2010. My attorney says it may take 2-5 to get permanent residency.Please advice.

    My job title and position continues to remain the same even in New York.

    Will it be good to start the procedure all over again?
    Please advice

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