should I sponsor my brother ?


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Hullo to all.
My brother is an officer with the Indian Army. He is planning to visit me this summer. He will get some sort of clearance from the Indian Government which allows him to go abroad for a vacation. He will show that clearance to the consulate officer (his interview will be at either New Delhi or Mumbai).

Is it necessary for me to send him all the sponsor related documents as well. Or is it better for him to just try on his own based on his proof of being employed with the Indian Army.

Also his child and wife have visited the States before, however I am not sure if that will help him in any way.

What would be the best strategy for him.

I would appreciate some input from the gurus..


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waitin_toolong said:
If the purpose of his visit is to visit with you, You should sponsor him

Thanks for the reply. However could it affect his case negatively since he is young right now. If he just applies based on the Army clearance, then will that be ok. Or Does he need a visa sponsor for his trip....


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Age, work etc. these factors are so uncertain. You just need to present all the documents and be able to convince that you will not immigrate to USA.

Everything else depends on consular officer


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Generally, military personnel face no issues at the consulate. Indeed, until some years back, they, along with civil service officers were among the special cateory of people who didnt need to appear for interviews at the consulate, even for a first time visa, and were allowed to use drop boxes.

It would do no harm to show him as being sponsored by yourself, just in my opinion. Probably would strengthen his case, even.