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September VB - DV14 Last Chapter


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it's almost 9:30AM and nobody called yet,
can some please call , i cannot call from work , i can only call later in 4 hours .

So you spend all your time nagging other people to phone....
Quite frankly, it's quite irritating to read what seems like every second post.
Especially as it's clear you're not the only one who wants the numbers, and other people do phone.


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I think people should try to log off for a day or two and try to let a bit of pragmatism set in. The way things are going I'm getting concerned that people will lose their minds if their number is not current. I think mentally preparing yourself for that possibility and realizing there is life afterwards is essential right now, instead of making yourself sick with stress over something you can't do anything about.

OTOH, I'm also realizing how lucky I was to have my number and didn't have to go through this mess. This DV thing is really about winning 3 lotteries, not just one - getting picked, getting a good number AND getting a visa. :eek:
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This month, they will take a big number of applicants comparing to previous months (whether current or cut off). So, they need more time to schedule visas. I think VB will be available between 10th and 15th.


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The story of your life has many chapters. One bad chapter doesn't mean it's the end of the book.
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It's 7.50.p.m in Sri Lanka........ Today majority of working hours were spent in the toilet because of the stress...........


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according to him , they said his 486xx should be current.
again , no any prove
may be they just got tired of calls