Seeking foreign students ASAP please respond


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I am a freelance reporter based in NYC. I am working on an article about students from Middle Eastern and Islamic countries experiencing racial profiling and harassment on entry to the US.
I am a Canadian citizen and I used to be on an f-1 visa and experienced a lot of harassment whenever I would come back from visiting my family in Canada.
This was a few years ago, I was wondering if this is still a problem for those on and F-1 visa. I would really like to hear from those of you who are experiencing any problems.
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Very nice approach, but I think a lot of people/reporters have shown interest on this topic already .. i am wondering when someone will come up and take a look at modern day's high tech slavory where ppl start their dream job only to find out that they're not getting paid so soon ... as their employers (usually some one/two-man recruiting agencies treates them like slaves and keep on telling them thinigs like ' we haven't got paid by our clients, and cannot pay you until we get paid etc ....) and employees usually prefer to stay silent becaz of losing their jobs and/or H1