RFE I-94 and I-797 485 pending


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Hi all,

I searched for all posts before posting this as much as I can but I didn't find anything that is similar to me. If anyone postsed same as mine please direct me to that or please help me to answer RFE that I have received which i need to respond by 25th July 09

1. To establish your nonimmigrant status, you must submit a copy of your form I-94 nonimmigrant Arrival/Departure Record, issued to you upon your arrival into the United States. Make sure to copy both side of the form I-94
2. If your form I-94 is not available you must explain what became of the form and submit a copy of the personal infomration pages from your passport and those pages endrosed by immigration officials establishing your admission or parole into the unitedstates
3. If applicable, include a copy of all petition/application approval notices (Form I797) issues to you by this Service grating extensions or changes of nonimmigrant status.

Currently I am working on EAD
my doubts ate
1. if I submit my recent I-94 is that enough( that is the only one I have)? or are do I need to
submit whole passport pages and advance payroll stamped document too?
2. Do I need to submit all H1 approval and 485 receipt and advance payroll approval etc?

any help is greatly appreciated

many thanks


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I just received a similar RFE.

I have to show my H1 status didn't expire when I didn't renew EAD. So tehe lawyer asked me to give him all of H1 approvals since filing the case and all arrival/departure records since then.

So, submit everything you have, I-94 + the advance parole, and all H1 extension approvals, all EAD extensions, your recent pay stubs to show you are working...etc. I wouldn't worry too much. They just have to make sure you didn't run out of status. I am not a lawyer, so make sure you talk to your lawyer also.

With my case they made it more complicated since they claim that my EAD expired but I never renewed my H1. They can't seem to find my record in their electronic system. Even worse that they think that another company, different from my GC sponsor submitted an H1 extension.... so it seems messed up.

Thirdly they want the job verification letter from the employer.