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I received the following RFE on my H-4 application (filed by self): On form I-539 I stated "Yes" to the question that an immigrant petition was filed for other person included in this application, based on the fact that an I-140 (now approved) had been filed on my husband behalf and his name is referenced in my application (and a previous H-4 application filed a year back by the lawyer also said the same thing). I have to explain my answer about that immigration petition.

Firstly I want to know if my answer on the form was correct or incorrect.

After reading the form now, I feel that I have incorrectly answered it as the only person included in the I-539 application was me, as my husband's application for H-1 was filed separately by his company and we later filed an application for me (We have not yet filed for I-485 due to retrogression). If my answer earlier was incorrect, how can i correct my mistake.

I appreciate your time taken in responding to my query. Please feel free to share some similar experience and insight into how I may address my probable mistake.