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If any of you know the answer to this question pls reply. I am born in an eligible country but I am a citizen of India. Would this make me eligible to apply for the visa lottery? . In the form --THE APPLICANT’S NATIVE COUNTRY IF DIFFERENT FROM COUNTRY OF BIRTH -- would I need to put anything against it?
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Yes, you can enter.

No, you do not need to put anything in "THE APPLICANT’S NATIVE COUNTRY IF DIFFERENT FROM COUNTRY OF BIRTH". If you were born in an eligible country (which you said you are) that will entitle you to enter the Diversity Lottery.

You only need to fill "THE APPLICANT’S NATIVE COUNTRY IF DIFFERENT FROM COUNTRY OF BIRTH" if you were born in an ineligible country and would like to enter under another option (ie. parents place of birth).

I\'m no expert in the immigration field, however, I just won the right for a GC in the recent DV-2001. I filled in the forms myself and as long as you follow the strict instructions you\'ll have as good a chance as anybody in winning a GC. Also, hiring a lawyer will not make any difference whatsoever, they will only ensure that you fill the forms correctly (any intelligent person can do this themself).



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I born in India, but my parents Native is Sri Lanka. Could I apply for DV-2002 lottery? I do not know whether I can apply with my Parents eligibility since I am NOT minor.

Please do reply me.

Thanks in Advance.


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I\'m born in France (but chineese citizen), and my husband in
China. My husband is working in a US firm, (he is on H1) and
I am also in US (in H4 VISA - not working). My husband has
applied for green card through his company, including me as
his dependent.

Qn. Can I apply for green card through diversity visa lottary
    (DV-2002), even though I had already applied for the green card
    through my husband\'s company?

Could you please respond,

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Hi all I want to know is how to help my boy friend get his green
ccard.. wehave a 8month old son and iIreally would like to chat
with someone about this are if you can just help me ..please

sonu kumar

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Hi Anita,
  You sound like you know the process pretty well. So could you please answer my one question. That is, my sister is going through the same process. She had applied earlier this year, and her date to get the ead card is SEPT! Is there such a rule where the GC process should COMPLETE before the Next DV Lottery starts! In other words, if by the end of september, my sister doesn\'t get through the whole gc process, she will loose this gc lottery!!????

Plese help! We are very much tensed about this.
You can email me at