rejection notices sent by USCIS for my i485 application


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My employer(consulting firm) office is based in Missouri. And I am physically located as client side in North Dakota. My lawyer sent our i485 (under EB2) and EAD application at Phoenix USCIS office, that was received by them on 18th May 2010.

Today me and my wife received couple of "Rejection notice" letters, one for EAD ( i765 notice) and other for I485 ( i 797C notice). Mainly it says following :

This office does not have jurisdiction to accept the application /petition you submitted. Entire packet with fees is returned to lawyer's office. Pls submit ur completed application to USCIS office with jurisdiction.

According to my lawyer, it was mistake and negligence of the USCIS supervisor, and it was not the wrong office. He sent my application once again to the same Phoenix Lockbox and requested a Supervisory Review. According to him, the only downside is we have lost all this time of around 1.5 month.

But I was a bit worried and wanted to know whether anyone has gone thru the similar experience. Is it because of the new Phoenix Lockbox center and May be, they are not yet familar with the whole process yet. and so, they made a mistake of sending my application back? My lawyer is very confident that he has sent my application to the correct location.

Any advice would be helpful here!!
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USCIS field office in Phoenix is different from USCIS Phoenix Lockbox. The lawyer was probably to quick to realize his own mistake hence quick to say oh ... don't even worry about it, all this is we have lost 1.5 months. Most other people i have searched around on the internet seem to be doing rather well at Phoenix lockbox. ... not maybe 6months ago, but definitely more streamlined now... or so it seems


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honda, thanks for your quick reply. I am not very sure whether it was my lawyer's mistake or USCIS mistake, when the rejection notices are saying me to resubmit my application with correct jurisdiction! I am just hoping, this mistake gets corrected from either of these sides and USCIS starts my case sooner and encash my checks!
Is there any way, I can ask to expedite my case because of the lost time ( in case it was Phoenix USCIS error?) Is it advisible to do so Or is it better to wait for another month or two until I hear back from them! Thanks.


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Ultimately my i485 checks ( for me and wife) got encashed on 25th aug. These checks were originally sent out on first week of May 2010. I am hoping that EAD checks should be encashed in coming few days.
Does it mean that I should get the Receipt for my i485 application soon? It took more than 3 months of time for USCIS to encash these checks!!
I had heard that, Nebraska center is usually taking 4 months to process i485. But, based on the unusual delay in receiving the original receipts of my application, it is possible that they may take much longer to process my application! Does anyone have a clue regarding how much time it is taking these days (if there are no RFEs or complications)? My case is of cross-chargeability ( my wife is Fiji born and I am India born). And because of this, the PD (priority date) does not apply in my case Hopefully. Will cross my fingers! Thanks.