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future GC without AC21

Thanks in advance for taking my question and the help and guidance you are providing to the community. below please find my case details:

I have worked for Company A from Dec 2006 to Dec 2011. Company A filed labor and Eb2(India) I140 approved in June 2008 with PD Dec 2007.

My wife was having hard time getting H4 in 2011. After her H4 visa interview my H1B was sent for further review and nothing was happening.
So I joined my client directly and hence transferred my H1B to company B in Dec 2011, in order to have my wife a second shot at H4.
She did got the visa second time after some hassles.

Now in Apr 2012, I & my wife both filed I485 with the consent of Employer A as the position was still available and 485 was filed as a future employee.

My I485 got approved recently and now the question is if I can safely continue to work for Company B, and not join my GC sponsor Company A?

I have NOT filed AC21.

Please note that I did not work for my petitioning employer at all after filing I 485, though I have worked for them from Dec 2006 to Dec 2011.

Also to be noted is my wife did receive an RFE on her I485 to prove our Bonafide marriage which was answered in timely manner during oct 2012. Also the H1b extension was filed with company B during last week of October 2012.

Your help in this matter will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Not open for further replies.