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COS to H1B

Dear Rajiv,
My labor PD is Jan 15th 2013. Got audit in June 2013 - immediately responded; audit decision is still pending. Exhausted my 6 year in H1b this Oct. Applied for COS to B1/B2 - got approval eligible till next March'2014. 1 year labor pending completes in Jan mid in that case if I do not get response on audit can go for 1 year H1B from Jan 15th only. I have following questions -
- What are the chances of approval for B1/B2 to H1B? Typical observations in approval
- Incase my COS gets denied will I have to leave country immediately or can be in country till B1/B2 approval March time?
- Will this denial impact on my future US visas anyways or any kind of job applications in US? or I can go back wait for 1 year to complete outside country reapply fresh visa?
Thanks so much for your response.
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