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Applied for I-130 and K-3 visa for my wife in India. Is there any way to change this case to premium processing? If not, is there any other way to expedite this case for example by contacting the representative or the senator office? Please advise.

TN Visa/ status for Canadian citizens

Iam a Canadian citizen and my birthplace is India. I would like to know if a person with a specialized skill" threading", who also holds a Cosmetology License from TX,USA, can get a TN Visa if there is a job offer from a reputed salon.Seeing the shortage of threaders who are licensed cosmetologist,can there be a category under which I can qualify to work in USA.I also have a Master's degree in English and a Bachelor degree in Education.
Parking tickets and Form N-400


I'm trying to find out if parking tickets are something that needs to be mentioned on the N-400? I know it asks if you have ever been cited, detained or arrested and such. Does a parking ticket fall in this category? After all, it's called a parking citation. But then again, if someone listed all their parking tickets that would create a whole lot of unnecessary work, wouldn't it? Other people have asked this question and the answers are always confusing. I know of only one parking ticket I received a few years ago at my college (for being parked head out instead of head in) and I paid it the next day. I do remember, however, that back in 2000 or so I collected parking tickets for expired meters when working in Hollywood. They are all paid as well. Unfortunately, I also received a ticket for having expired tags along with the parking tickets because I didn't have the money to get my car fixed so that it would pass the smog test. Eventually, the car was towed from in front of my house and I never heard about it again. Now I fear that if that comes up, driving with expired tags could constitute bad moral character. I do not have any paperwork for the car but I know my DMV account is in good standing. What should I do about this? I was thinking of going to the DMV to obtain my own DMV record but is that going to raise any flags? I also need to mention that those tickets from 2000 would have been under my maiden name and I think I was using an international license at the time. I do not want to be caught lying but I don't know if parking tickets are the kind of citations they are looking for? And do expired tag tickets fall into the crime category or are they considered more of a "fix it" ticket. I've heard that citations under $500 do not need to be documented but do I still check yes on the application and then provide a list of the tickets. I assume that I can obtain records of me having paid these tickets to bring to the interview (how far back do they keep these kinds of records I wonder?)?

Thank you so much for your help. I consider myself a person of good moral character and now I'm all second guessing myself. I haven't thought about the tickets from 2000 in years, I almost didn't even remember them at all and now that I did I'm freaking out!


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what makes up prevailing wage for Green card ?

I got my green card in 2012, I am working for the same employer since I got my green card. I am not getting salary equal or more than prevailing wage that was approved during perm. The employer says if I add a variable performance bonus to my base salary then that annual amount is more than PW so my question is can bonus that varies every year be considered as a factor to satisfy the duty of employer to pay more than PW ?

the difference of base salary and PW is not very large (less than 700 dollars now in 2014) as I got some raise this year but it’s still less than PW so will this have any impact during citizenship ? what can I do to safeguard my interest at the time to apply for citizenship ?

may be Rajiv ji you can come up with a detail blog of what makes up the PW , what employee needs to know after the GC is approved when she wishes to remain with same sponsoring employee… what are the duty of employer after Green Card is approved for a employee and how that is implemented by good law following employers etc in general

I understand employer is not forced to actually give the GC job but there got to be some process that needs to be followed to make sure employee is at least give PW that was in perm and I 140 etc.
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