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R-1 expiring, Green Card pending

Dear Rajiv,

Thank you very much for your valuable service. Here is my situation. I came to the U.S. on R-1 five years ago. I complete my five year R-1 period on 09/05/2013. An employer filed for my Green Card (I-360) In February 2013 and it is still pending. We received an RFE and compliance review request and both were timely responded.

1. If I stay in the U.S. awaiting a decision on my I-360 past my I-94 date(less than six months) can I file my I485 using 245k(in case my I360 is approved)?
2. If in case my I-360 will be denied, would staying past my I-94 date affect my next R-1 visa?
3. If I leave the U.S. before my I-94 expires, and if my I-360 will be denied at a later date, would showing an immigrant intent would affect my next R-1 visa?
4. What are the other options I have under these circumstances?

Thank you very much

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