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  1. clt123

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    Hi all,

    I am currently waiting for a decision from DOS regarding the waiver of the 2y hrr attached to my J1 based on the skills list.

    I have not found any recent timelines to have an idea about the time they are taking these days. Can anyone provide one for comparison?

    All of my documents were received on March 1st (including the NOL). However, the system did not reflect an update until March 16th. As of that date the system indicated that my application documents had been received. However, there was no mention of the NOL.

    I reached out to DOS through the e-mail they provide on that same day and heard from them on the 22nd of March. They told me that they had not received the NOL, so I had my Embassy send it out again on the 22nd.

    The system reflected that my NOL had been received on March 25th.

    No further updates. Case is still Pending.

    My anxiety level is through the roof. Any insight would be much appreciated.

  2. Maffel

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    Hey, I have send everything out on January 22nd, they received the NOL on February 23rd and I got the letter on with a favorable recommentation this Monday. The reason was "no objection" (funding from home country goverment). I could not really find any good sources for the processing time at USCIS other then 6 weeks for the final decision (found it in a different forum, and information was about 2 years old).
    I hope that helps. The homepage from DOS says 6-8 weeks starting from when they have received everything for no ojection which I think is true.
  3. Plinio Andrade

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    Good afternoon,

    I'm Brazilian and I went to the U.S. in August 2013 and moved back to Brazil in December 2013. I participated in the Brazilian Government`s program called 'Science without Borders' (Ciência sem Fronteiras). I started my J-1 Waiver process as soon as I got in Brazil (January 2015) but CAPES (the Brazilian Government sponsor) just gave me the No Objection letter in July 2016. So, I would like to share with you guys my current timeline and I would like to ask those who already got their final Waiver letter some questions:

    • How was the Favorable Recomendation sent to your address? Did they use the self addressed envelope? Did you guys got it while in the USA or in your home country?
    • How was the USCIS receipt received? Self addressed envelope or just a common post office letter?
    • How was the final Waiver lettter received? Self addressed envelope?
    • How long did it take since the Favorable Recommendation letter until the final Waiver Letter?
    Here is my current Timeline:

    Department of State Advisory Opinion Finding: Favorable Recommendation
    Item Action Date

    • Recommendation Sent July, 28 2016
    • No Objection Statement Received July, 08 2016
    • Fee Received January, 20 2015
    • Form DS-3035 Received January, 20 2015
    • Form DS-2019 Received January, 20 2015
    • Passport Data Page Received January, 20 2015
    • Statement Of Reason Received January, 20 2015
    • Other Received January, 20 2015
  4. Plinio Andrade

    Plinio Andrade New Member

    Good night,

    I'm so frustrated with USCIS Customer Representatives. Every time I call USCIS trying to get the Receipt Number for my process they have no idea of what I'm talking about. I tell them I filed the DS-3035 and the only thing they say is: "This isn't a USCIS form. You need to contact the Department of State".

    I explain to them that the process starts in the Department of State but I already got my Favorable Recommendation and it says the case was forward to the USCIS and that I need to contact USCIS to know about my case. It looks like they don't know about the No Objection process. They always ask me if I filed the I-612. Looking online in the I-612 form webpage it is clear that I don't need to file it if I'm applying for a No Objection Waiver.

    I don't think I'm getting my Receipt Notification by post mail because I just sent ONE self-addressed envelope and the address on the envelope doesn't match the address of my DS-3035.

    Can someone advice me what to do now?

  5. rolrol

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    I am in similar situation. I received a recommendation letter from DoS in June but I did not receive i 797 receipt from USCIS yet until today, september 2. I contacted DoS and they said they forwaded my case electoronically to USCIS. Also I contacted USCIS and they said I am not in the system. I don't know what I need to do. Do you have any idea?

    Thanks for reply.
    My problem is thatr USCIS cannot find my case. I am not in the system. So they don't have my receipt number.
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  6. Plinio Andrade

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    Please, check this link:
    I posted the following there:
    "So guys, I got good news.
    Eventually I realized that USCIS deal just with I-xxx forms and I realized that once the Department of State sends the Favorable Recommendation to UCSIS an I-612 form is assigned to it. So, if you call USCIS to know about your process just tell them that you filed the I-612 to get your receipt number. I told the Customer Representative that I've filed the I-612, my Full Name, my Date of Birth and my address and he found my receipt number."
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