Real Estate Bubble In India

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  1. manohar77

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    take a look at this website to get an idea of the real estate market in india for quite a few cities. it may help you guys to make a decision.
  2. GaramChai2go

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    Real Estate in USA.
    AAA, as real estate market in India is bitchy, are you looking for anything in USA.
    I am interested in NJ, does anyone know good way to start the search, and places with Indian community. Any references will be appreciated.
  3. mad4gc

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    Yes India and China are the next emerging markets . GDP growth rate in India is 8to 9% while in USA it is a mere 2.5% . Bangalore , Hyderabad are hot places for real estate; while in US real estate market has crashed (looks like a soft landing tho

    even stock market is 42% higher in 6 months in India.
  4. manohar77

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    You need to check out this site that shows photos from all the big cities in India, the ongoing projects, completed ones, new airports, new mega projects/townships. This should help you to get a better perspective about the growth back in india.
  5. gsivasub

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    My 2 cents on real Estate

    I have bought properties in the US as well as in India. The thing with real estate is , IT IS A LONG TERM INVESTMENT. If you buy a property to make a quick buck, you might succeed, you might not. But if you hold on to the Property for the long term, you are Guaranteed to make a profit.
  6. mariner555

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    depends where you buy too. if you had purchased in detroit or latur you would be in loss. long term most investments make a profit for eg diversified stocks, bonds etc. I think it is better to be cautious rather than investing at more real estate than you can manage. esp true in USA ..buying one house is great. but if you buy 2-3 houses for sake of investment then it could be trouble (high mntc, selling costs)
  7. mad4gc

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    buying house in India/stocks in india is really good. India Fund(IFN) is up 35% this year. It can also be used as a future retirement benefit ..think about it when you are old ..and if you dont have a constant source of revenue in the US, you would be better off in India using your US $$$ ..

    Safe Harbor--- I am not an attorney ..but i just bought INFY last week :)
  8. jinosbrovens

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    Its interesting that just like in stock markets, a mini bubble had developed in many real estate markets in 2003-2007. There still is a lot of unsold property with builders/investors and this may keep the markets flat for another 1-2 years.Guess it will be sold in this year.
  9. Dejamery1

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    As the thing is that I want to say you that Indian property prices, fast growing, not only in the largest cities. Indians to get more housing boom, such as the technology spreads across the country.
  10. jamesslogan

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    Low interest rates on houses was the driving force which made most of the Indian population to buy houses at that time. Residence in India, including those in the luxury market, usually sell them to construction. Analysts said that developers in India are sometimes delayed construction projects to ensure they do not have a large number of unsold flats in preparation.

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