Re-Entry Permit

We have a green card (me, my wife and our two sons). Our marriage is in crisis and my wife wants to divorce and then go back with our kids to our home country. This is in good terms and I might join to help them adjust there and potentially give another try to save our marriage. If this does not work out I would like to come back to the US so I don't want to loose the green card while abroad (potentially a couple of years). Am I allowed to submit a re-entry permit? Should I write the above in the permit request and is there a risk uscis sees this as abandoning my intentions to be a permanent resident and rejecting my request or even cancelling my green card? Is there anything else I can do to show I have intentions to come back to US?


Registered Users (C)
Reentry permits allow the bearer to spend up to two years outside the US without risking abandonment. You have to be truthful about the purpose on the i131 form; if you're going to be away from the US to work on your marriage, then that's what you have to write in part 4 of the form.

You're still responsible for maintaining other ties to the US, including filing US tax returns as applicable. Other examples could include making any credit card/mortgage/utility payments, etc.