Questions concerning I-129f


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My fiancé is a Filipina National currently living in Japan under a trainee visa. Her contract is 3-years. She’s been there since 2018 and will be returning to Philippines January 2021. I’ve been compiling a K-1 petition packet and my goal is to send it just prior to her returning home to the Philippines.
I guess where I’m having uncertainties are in areas of the I-129f that have to do with physical addresses. Billing address will obviously be in Philippines— her parent’s house. But I’m confused on what to fill in on the parts that say “physical address abroad” and “name and address of beneficiary in his/her alphabet.”
She will still be in Japan temporarily by the time I send the petition, so the physical address abroad would be her current Japan address? And for the second part, her full name is English and language is Tagalog. The alphabet is virtually almost the same as English, with some exceptions like ñ. Must I type her current address abroad(in Japan) in Japanese kanji? If so, I don’t even think my fiancé knows lol. She uses the English translated version of the address with the English alphabet. Same thing when I ship things to her in Japan. No kanji