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I am on 7th year extension I -140 approved( not filed 485 due to retrogression). If I have to change my status to H4 from H1 due to certain circumstances can I come back to H1 and work after 1 year of being on H4 or do I have to travel out of the country.

Do I restart my GC from scratch( lose priority date) if I come back to H1 after staying on H4 for one year/ stay out of the country for one year.

I am not sure if this the right place to ask but here it goes.

1. In case of pregnancy for an H1B employee can the employer terminate the employment anytime as they think they might have a hard time placing someone on a new project in this situation or show any other reason .

2. If yes is there any rules that protect the H1B employee in this scenario.

3. If the person is on 7th year extension and loses the H1 due to the above circumstances what are the options on continuing or being able to work in USA. ( GC status : I-140 approved not filed for 485 , Employer cancels H1 and I-140 on termination of employment )


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Question on security clearance and interview

Is it true that starting January 2007 USCIS is scheduling interviews for those applying for green card through US citizen spouse only after it has received the FBI security/namecheck clearance for the petitioner?


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AC21 - similar job


I would like your opinion regarding the use of AC21 in my case:
- I-485 pending for a year, stuck in security check, I-140 approved, valid EAD
- Labor certification in 'software engineer' category 15-1032.00
- New job offer is for software company, in consulting division. with the few categories available on O*NET website, I would classify the new job as either 15-1071.01 , 15-1031.00 or 15-1032.00
- Significant salary increase

My questions:
- In case my new position would be classified 15-1071.01, would that be too far from 15-1032.00 to be considered similar ?
- Is the salary increase a problem ?
- Should I send a letter to USCIS (I don t change location) or wait for potential RFE ?

Thanks so much !
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