Question Rajiv directly inbetween conference calls.


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Hi, is there a way to ask question to Rajiv inbetween conference calls. I missed last Thursday’s call, thinking it was this Thursday. Unfortunately, I need answers before the next conference call.

Where can I post questions, so that Rajiv can respond at his earliest convenience? Sometimes in the general forum I get conflicting information/answers and I would feel comfortable knowing what Rajiv would recommend in that situation.

How and where, can I get Rajiv to answer questions in a pinch between calls?

Thank you so much.
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The free conference call is held every other thursday. If you have a question in between calls, you can email us through this "contact us" form, and one of our team members will respond. If it is a complicated question that requires Rajiv's attention, we will inform you and you can choose to arrange a phone consult with Rajiv.