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Question about 1st Travel after dv


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hi All

me and family have the visas and ready to travel after wining the DV.
As i am working towards moving our of my apartment and work from my old country and move to the us. that will take longer than the 6 months the visa has to travel to USA.
So i am planing to take 1-2 weeks leave from work to make our 1st travel during the 6 months visa we have to travel.

Can anyone tell me how long do i need to stay in the us and if i need to travel to where the sponsor was in the process or i can go anywhere.
You can leave the US the very same day you land if you wish, not a problem. But be aware, there have been a few instances where a newly landed immigrant received a notice to attend a biometric appointment to enable the production of their GC, this happens when the bio captured at the embassy at the time of the interview turns out to be unusable. If this were to happen in your case, it would mean making a quick return to the US to attend the bio appointment.

There’s no requirement to travel to wherever your sponsor lives.
Thank you for your Reply its very helpfull.
If that were to happen, would the appointment be set around the area of my sponsor where i have kept the address of the green card to be sent or would it be asked where would i want to go.

Another question i would have is:
If my current job as i am manager level in europe requires me another year to let go , can i stay out of usa for another year after making the 1st entry for the green card?
1. All communications from USCIS will get mailed to your address on record which in this case will be your sponsor’s address and the bio location will be the closest ASC to that address.
2. As a newly landed immigrant who needs to return home to tie up loose ends, you may be allowed to stay out of the US for up to one year (without the need to obtain a re-entry permit) without being deemed to have abandoned your LPR status.