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see if the below is helpful.. however while on phone, just be polite & see "if they can tell whether USCIS has been informed of your name check report". that will help determine who is telling lies..

more helpful info u may read

FBI Fingerprint Status (304) 625-2000
FBI Name Check Status (Main Line) (202) 324-3625
FBI NNCP Public Inquiry Voice Line (202) 324 2399
FBI Name Check Inquiry Fax (202) 324-3367 (Mention Name/DOB/A#/Ph#/Addr#/Email/Fax)
FBI NNCP Analyst Diane Berger – (202) 324 0680 (Do not nag the analysts)
FBI NNCP Supervisor Renee Morton – Call the FBI main line and ask for this person.
FOIPA Contact Person Debbie Beatty (202) 324 6182
FOIPA Fax Inquiry (202)-324-3752

Few ppl sent snail mail and got reply, u may try

William L Hooton
Assistant Director, Records Management Division
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Room 11703
935 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W
Washington DC 20535-0001


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Green Card ETA? Romanian EB3, PD 2007-Jun


I'm new here and just learning all the acronyms and stuff. I hope I'm posting in the correct forum.

I'm from Romania and work as an H-1B. My employer is sponsoring my AOS, and so far they've been taking care of things, but now they can't give me any guess as to when I can expect the GC. Here is the data I have:

Priority Date: 2007-06-28
Category: EB-3

2007-Aug-11: AOS filed by the lawyers
2007-Sep-25: received by USCIS
2008-Jan: biometrics appointment
2009-Feb: I-140 approved

I've has 2 EADs so far, and a few Advance Paroles, but I suppose these don't matter. I also have a LIN #, which I can list but I'm not sure it's wise from a privacy point of view. If I go to the USCIS CaseStatus web page for my LIN, it says the stage is "Initial Review".

So I'm trying to find out how much longer I have wait, broadly. Are we talking 1 year, or 5?