Post any EB3 approvals PD 2001


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I was on a holiday and away from this forum for 2 months.
Appreciate if you could post any EB3 approvals TSC with PD Feb 2001. Or are there no approvals in this category. Or was there any bulletin for the delay.
EB3 PD Feb 2001
I 140 approved
I 485 pending March 12, 2008
AP and EAD approved.
180 days over. No sign of conditional GC too.


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Approved EB3 PD 2001

Right now I checked my husbands status on the internet and was rather shocked and delighted to see a message whch said Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident.
What is ADIT processing. Card will be mailed after 60 days.
Mine was not done so I tried to find out and inspite of doing FP twice, something seems to be wrong. I have to now go to the local police station to complete this formality after I receive the letter from USCIS.

PD Feb 2001
I 485 TSC March 12 2008


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Hi Patience101
First of all let me congradulate you for the Green Card. Seems like your husband's GC is approved, what about yours is that approved along with your husband's or is it still pending. In my case my 485 got approved in Oct 2008 but my husband's got stuck and its still showing pending(I was the main applicant in the application). I am eager to find out if this type of thing ever happened with anyone else either.


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My husbands notice welcoming the GC resident has arrived in the mail.And a new message shows card mailed. But mine is stuck. I have just mailed the police clearance letter to USCIS and hopefully it should be done.Will post on the forum once mine is done.


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My wife just got her approval. I already got mine. Our priority date is 11/1/2001 - EB3 - India


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My GC approved

My GC approved today. :D:D. Got email today.

Check the following details. Don't be surprised with the durations. Its common for EB3s :):)

EB3 (I)
SC: TSC (moved from VM)
PD: Oct 16, 2001
140, 485 ND: 4/24/2004
140 AD : 8/30/2004
# of EADs: 6
# of APs : 6
# fps : 2
485 AD : 4/9/2009 (8+ yrs of after Labor, ~5 yrs after 485 filing)