Please help - USCIS asking pay stubs for H1 to H4 change of status

Hi all

I am in the same situation.Can somebody please reply if its safe to go to india for h4 stamping

what questions will be asked

will there be any rejections or rfes during visa interview

please help
I am in the same scenario here.

Came to US on H4 Visa which was valid until Aug 2014.
I subsequently had my H4 Extension from Aug 2014 - Aug 2017.
Mean while my H1B application got approved as well and valid thru Sep 2017.

I've had a baby in Oct 2014 and haven't been without paycheck since then, I would like to move back to H4 from H1 and would like to hear other's experiences on this.

Any insight would be really helpful. Please assist.

Hi Guys,
I am in the same boat. I travelled to US with H4 in July 2014 and applied for change of status in last year i.e 2015. I got my H1 effective from nov 2015.I am not in project and am not in payroll yet i.e(since 10 months). My questions are as follows:
1)Am I out-of-status now?
2)Can I file for COS from H1 to H4 without paystubs?
3)Will there be any problem in processing of H4 ,if I am in out of status?
4)Will I face any problems while processing my husband's green card in future ?
Please reply to me as soon as possible. Or send me a email to