Physician on H1b Visa


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Hi I am clinical fellow on 5th year of H1b visa, going to expire on 6/16.
I have to maintain my legal status after completion of fellowship program, to do that I understand that I have two options :
1: Find an employer and file for labor certificate before 6/15( 365 day before 6th year of H1b), I am trying to find an employer but no luck, as everyone says its too soon to work on job for 2016 (they don't understand this H1b Visa rule).
2: Second option is to apply for NIW -EB2, but I dont have enough publications to get approval.

So I am kinda stuck here, and seems like will have to go back to home country for one year, if not find job.
Fellas please help



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I am on non cap H1B right now and my Fellowship ends 6/16, and I am planning for job after fellowship( cap vs non cap).